How To Pick The Perfect House Plant

Nature is pristine and soothing in so many ways. It is no wonder that the best of poets wrote poetry in the praise of nature and its riches. Be it inside our house, out in the courtyard or even the office workstation, a little something of nature always pleases the eye and provides contentment to the soul. House plants have gained in popularity over the years and are a great way of bringing nature in to our day to day lives. House plants make for a great variety, each with a distinct look and feel, each symbolising something different but what is common is that house plants bring positive energy in our lives irrespective of which plant you pick.


But with so much of variety, how to pick what is best for you can be a tricky decision to make. But when the will is there, help is never too far. Here are some of the key aspects you can look at to make a better and more informed decision when going for online plants shopping:


  • Fix your purpose first: Why you want to get house plants for your house should be very clear in your mind when you decide to buy them. There is a lot of variety in the house plants and each plant has a specific purpose or symbolic significance. Some plants are air purifying, some plants are vibrant and colourful and highly decorative, some plants are symbols of good luck, peace, etc. So you need to decide why you want one before you buy a house plant.


  • The cost: Cost is always a big factor whenever we make a purchase decision and house plants are no different. When you decide to enrich your home decor with house plants, you need to fix your budget and then look for relevant options within your budget.


  • Ease of maintenance: Some people think that plants are always easy to maintain and they just need some sunlight and some watering from time to time. But this is a false assumption. Different plants need different soil composition, maintenance and climate to flourish. Some house plants are very easy to maintain while several others are much more delicate. You should pick one depending on the level of maintenance you are comfortable with and are confident of being able to handle. When you buy house plants online, the websites generally provide the care instructions as well. Make sure you read them carefully.


  • The size and nature of the house plants: The size and nature of the house plants are also very crucial when deciding which one to buy. If you are planning to keep the plant on a table or a workstation, you will be logically better off if you go for small house plants. If you want to put plants indoors then you should go for plants which do not require too much sunlight else you will have to keep them outside for sometime everyday in order to provide them sufficient sunlight and that will surely be very uncomfortable.


  • Safety of children and pets: If you have small children or pets at home, some house plants such as star cactus, easter cactus, peace lily, moon cactus etc. are dangerous for them. Peace lily is a very one of the most common flowering house plants but if consumed it is toxic to humans, cats and dogs. Similarly different kinds of cactus have spines which can hurt your children or pets if they come in contact with them. So in that sense you need to think it through before buying a house plant.


The whole point is that while buying house plants is a great choice to bring positivity in your house besides improving its decor, it is also a decision which should be taken after doing your bit of research. From maintainability to cost to properties, every aspect should be taken into consideration before purchasing house plants for home or office.

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