How to Secure Your Home in 2020

Right at this moment, the COVID-19 pandemic is probably the scariest thing you can think of. Your anxiety may be linked to the rapid spread and fatal nature of the virus. However, the ripple effects of the global crisis can have you feeling unsafe even in your home.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some effective ways to guarantee the safety of your family and property during this period. 

  1. Light up your yard

The cover of night offers burglars some level of security. Thus, a good way to ward off potential intruders is to install some extra lighting. Don’t focus on your porch alone.

Attach hanging lights to trees or shrubbery on your property and install some motion sensor lights in your backyard to keep intruders away.

  • Install an alarm system

Most alarm systems enable you to monitor what happens on your property. The combined effect of crime deterrence and improved security that an alarm system offers can give you peace of mind when you’re around or away from home.

Get a security system that alerts you and the authorities when it is tampered with or disabled. If you already own an alarm system, get an upgrade that provides the latest features.

  • Reinforce the security of your doors

Doors are the easiest point of entry for intruders. Over 30% of burglars break in through the front door. Assess the reliability of the doors in your home to determine what measures you can take to secure them. Replace old doors with new solid-core doors that can’t be easily kicked in.

Add a couple of deadbolts and a peephole so you can see visitors as they approach. Be sure to install proper lighting on your porch because a peephole won’t do much good at night. 

  • Secure your windows

Secure your windows, ensure that they are locked before you leave the house or turn in at night. For added security, you can install sensors that give off a signal when a window opens or breaks.

Sensors often work together with a security system so you have the option of setting up a series of cause and effect actions to notify you of strange happenings.

Curtains will not do much in terms of security, but at least they can provide some level of privacy and protect the interior of your home from prying eyes.

  • Install security cameras

There are several inexpensive brands of security cameras in the market today. You can install them in the rooms, hallways, as well as the front and back porch of your home.

Some security cameras have the option of being synced with your smartphone so you can monitor the happenings around your property and in your home whenever you like.

Final word

While you’re taking effective steps to stay protected from the Coronavirus, it helps to consider other aspects of your life that could be at risk. By following our suggestions, you can improve the security of your home and property.

We also advise that you maintain a good and cordial relationship with your neighbors. This way, you can be duly informed of any suspicious activity.

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