Is Your Home Fire Ready for Summer?

Living in Australia, we absolutely love our summers. The bright sunshine, hitting the beach, spending time with family in the backyard, and of course firing up the BBQ. However, summer has a dangerous side to it as well, and we’re talking about bushfires. Almost every year, bushfires rage in parts of Australia, threatening homes and lives.

But rather than let the fear of bushfires ruin your summer, take a few simple steps to safeguard your home. Spring is the perfect time to get these jobs done, and then you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine. Here’s a few helpful tips to get your home ready for fire season.

Clean up your backyard

The backyard is a great place to hang out and enjoy the summer sun. For that reason alone, you probably want the yard looking great anyway, but there’s a more serious side to yard maintenance. Dry wood and other debris laying around the yard presents a serious fire risk.

We always hear about spring cleaning, so don’t restrict yourself just to inside the house. Spring is the perfect time to start clearing away fallen branches, wood and other debris. Even if you’re not traditionally close to bushfire areas, fires can occur unexpectedly. So, limit your risk by cleaning up the yard. You’ll also impress your guests at those summer BBQs!

It’s time to clear your gutters

We’re lucky in Australia to have so many trees around. Even in suburban backyards, some of the trees are incredible, but their fallen leaves pose a fire risk. Unfortunately, they end up in your roof gutters and cause all sorts of problems. Firstly, they can clog up your downpipes and impact your plumbing, but they’re also a fire danger.

When bushfires occur, there’s often a lot of wind around. So, even if you’re several kilometres from a fire, embers can travel through the air and ignite dry leaves in your gutters. Clear them out during spring, and save yourself a potential fire risk in summer.

Install fire resistant insulation

If you’ve got old insulation in your home, it might be time to consider an upgrade. We all know that insulation is a great way to keep your home cool in winter, but many older types of insulation aren’t fire-safe. So, whether you’re upgrading or installing your first insulation, here’s some things to consider.

Always ensure they are highly rated for thermal performance. Insulation is tricky to replace, so invest in the best quality from the start. Most importantly though, look for fire resistant insulation. When you consider that insulation batts live in your walls and ceiling, if they catch alight it can cause irreparable damage. Non combustible solutions are available to keep your home safe.

Check your smoke alarm batteries

Finally, spring is a great time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. It’s a great habit to get into if you can change them every time daylight savings rolls around. Test that they’re working well, and you’ll be protected in case of a fire inside your home.

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