Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With energy costs soaring, most people are grateful to know of any ways that they can save on their utility bills. The following guide can help you understand a few simple ways you can save a bit of money. See how many of them you are already doing.

Evaluate Your Home

There are so many ways that cold air can leak in or warm air can leak out. Arrange for one of the home energy audits Queensbury electricians offer to find out exactly where your weak spots are. They can check around windows and doors, evaluate the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system and many other areas. They can help offer suggestions and remediate any issues that are of concern.

Weatherstripping and Caulking

There are a wide variety of weather stripping products available at home improvement centers and big box stores. Many of them are self-adhesive and easily stick to the trim around doors and windows. They come in varying thicknesses and can fill different sizes of gaps. Putty and caulking are also good options, especially around windows.

It can also help cut down on cold entering the home if you install pre-cut foam insulation gaskets behind all of your switch plates and outlet covers. It may not be needed on all of them but you can easily tell by putting your hand near a switch to feel whether cold or a breeze is coming in at that point.

Turn Off and Unplug

Even when an appliance is not in use, a live current is still traveling to it from the outlet. This is what enables things to be turned on immediately. You can save a few dollars each month by unplugging items that are not being used. At the very least, unplug the blender or other such appliances that are only used occasionally. The same goes for laptop computers, and entertainment equipment.

Go Solar

Installing solar panels is more than just a trend. It is a very real way to produce your own electricity and save a good deal of money in the long run. In some areas excess electricity can even be sold back to the power company. If you want to get off the grid, solar is a good start.

In the long run, it is doing the little things with regularity that adds up to a great savings over time. You can also feel good about doing your part to conserve energy and keep the world a little greener.


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