Open Your Home Out to the Garden

A friend of mine recently spent some time with her sister in Australia and she was surprised to find that they spent the whole time outside. Their gardens are the focal points of their homes. They don’t strand around the kitchen island or sit at the dinner table, no. They spend their free time relaxing outside. Obviously they have the benefit of a little thing called sunlight, which we don’t really have, but it’s an interesting notion. Why don’t we spend more time outside? We get a few months of nice weather every ten years or so and so we should enjoy it more. We need to get out and soak in the drizzle with patches of sun and cloud.

What I propose is lengthening a room so that is incorporates a patio. Obviously if you don’t have a patio, then I suggest you visit a company like Easy Pave for help. Rearrange a room so that when the patio doors are open it feels like the room and the patio are one. If you have a long kitchen this can really work. It means that the party can spread. People can be in the kitchen and on the covered (still Britain) patio and still be a part of the same shin-dig.


The problem with many gardens in this country is that the seats are uncomfortable. You know the ones I mean: those awful white (sometimes green) chairs that are always breaking on You’ve Been Framed. You sit on them for a couple of hours and no amount of cheap booze is going to take the pain away. What you need is to splash out a little on some more comfortable patio furniture. Also, whilst we’re on the case with the furniture, I recommend a big table. It holds more BBQ food, which is always good.

And, still on comfort, I mentioned a covered patio. This is essential. Some people like the sun, others loathe it, they just hate sitting in it for too long (I’m one of them) and so it’s important to at least have a big parasol to keep the sun away from those who are feeling a little Vampire-like that day. Don’t get one too big though as your friends and family who want to soak up a little rays will feel excluded if they have sit miles away from the party.

Spruce the Place Up a Bit, Why Don’t Ya!

Finally, it’s a good idea if your garden looks pleasant. Your lovely new patio/kitchen will be ruined if your garden is a tangled mess of broken chairs and weeds. People aren’t going to want to sit there and enjoy their day. Why not cut the grass, prune back the ivy, plant some flowers, and add a few garden lights and ornaments. That way people will be comfortable, can have as much or as little sun as they want, and they will be sat in a garden that is pleasing to the eye. That is the recipe for one successful garden party if you ask me – which I realise no one did…

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