Popular Kitchen Cabinet Materials In 2020

The kitchen has become an epicenter of many homeowners’ creative spark. Thus, selecting the right kitchen cabinet by material is no doubt important for improving your home. Trends are broadening, becoming more colourful and bold. There are still a few surefire popular choices that will never go out of style, and some that are back for 2020.

You’ll see that wooden cabinets are in, but for overall vibe don’t be afraid to mix up the colours or go with something a little more out there, as appliances and surfaces are ever expanding into new colour ranges. It should be noted that white never goes out of style. No matter which color you choose, consider applying a Polyurethane finish, the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets.

Ash For A Stone Contrast

Ash is a good wood for a stone-walled kitchen. It’s paler than other woods commonly used, and pairs well with a pale grey finish for walls, counter tops or tiling.

Ash has a beautiful look to it, showing more grain and root than other common kitchen wood. On the downside, it is more expensive than oak, but is an excellent choice for staining and has a nice even grain.

Matte Black Finishes

Team a beautiful marble with a matte black cabinet finish for a rustic, homely feel in your kitchen. While all black has become a more accepted look than it ever has been, it can make a room seem smaller. Having a nice accent to break up the darkness can give the room a pop.

Poplar and maple are two of the best woods to use when painting cabinets. They are both hardwoods, so they’ll stand the test of time and won’t warp like a softwood might.

Vintage Wood Options

Walnut is a great unfinished material to go for a similar rustic style to the matte black, but has that very desirable vintage look and works with lighter coloured walls for a fresh and airy style.

Unstained and unpainted wood for a wholly original, came-with-the-house feel is another growing choice. Reclaimed wood is vintage, and vintage is in. This is a much more natural option that works with a more reserved style, but if you use your appliances to add summary pops of color then the room will shine in turn.

Pecky cypress is a name you’ll get to know if you like this kind of look.

Modern Open Frame

Moving away from wood options briefly, open frame cabinets are a relatively new trend, and should be with us for a few years yet.

Using glass panes you can show off your humorous mug collection or fine dining tableware. You’ll also always know where everything is, which is a bonus if you’re as forgetful as I am.

It’s easier to maintain than wood, but do keep in mind that you’ll be cleaning fingerprints off the glass regularly.

If none of these sound like viable options then fear not. As I said, the kitchen is probably the one room to really go wild with your creative instincts. You can use the cabinets to offset some crazy counter choices, give a pop to the room or just give the place a cosy, lived in feel.

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