The Best Backyard Hockey Rink Is Easy With A Rink Kit

Skating or hockey enthusiasts range from children to adults, male or female. For those who enjoy those winter activities, building abackyard skating rink can be a really fun and easy activity for the family, or even just a few people. An added bonus is that nowadays you can build a rink within a few hours and without any tools with handy backyard rink kits. With backyard rink kits, everything you need is in one box andthe biggest challenge you face may just be where to place your rink.

Now there are those that would prefer to build a backyard rink the old fashioned way with plywood, tarps, a level, tape measure, and a head for math and a few more trips to the hardware store. There’s nothing wrong with taking on that kind of challenge and it doesn’t lack its own fun, but taking this route will also come with headaches and being out in the freezing weather for hours, even days, trying to get it right. The resulting rink may be beautiful and the hours of fun that the kids will have helping in the construction and reveling in the final results of their (and your) labor will be rewarding.

If that’s not the route you want to take, kids and/or adults can easily construct a backyard hockey rink with a rink kit within two hours. It’s so simple that one person can manage it on

their own. Selecting the overall size of rink you want and clearing a flat area are the first things to do. The rink kit comes with all the materials that are needed including a heavy-duty liner, polypropylene pipe, connectors and protective caps. There’s nothing easier than putting the frame together, putting on the heavy-duty liner, filling it with water and letting the winter cold do the freezing. For everything you’ll need to enjoy a backyard rink, stop by the RinkMaster website. RinkMaster is called Canada’s backyard rink store for a reason. They’ve provided fun backyard rinks to men, women, and children throughout Canada in one easy to assemble rink kit, delivered by mail.

Cost effectiveness is a benefit when using a rink kit. Of course, there are some weekend rink builders that can boast about just spending a few hundred dollars on lumber materials, but time is money too. With a rink kit, the hockey game can be on within a couple hours or even less.



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