The most important things to consider when choosing tiles

Tiles are an incredible flooring choice for bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, living areas, and outdoors. they come with so many benefits including water resistance, fire resistance and varied styles and designs. There are also various tile materials and you can choose to go with natural stone like limestone, marble, and terracotta or you can choose man-made materials like ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. There are several things you need to consider when choosing tiles and we have everything in this article for you.


Should you go with natural or man-made tell materials?


Natural tiles come with unique tones and textures but they’re usually prone to cracking or scratching unlike man-made materials. Natural stone tiles need to be sealed once laid and they might need resealing sometime in the future. Man-made tiles on the other hand are very hard to crack and they come in wide varieties of designs and styles.


What’s the style of your home


The style of your home matters a lot because you want something that actually goes with it and not against it. Do some research to find out what colours are are suitable and could go well with the style and decor of your home. Work with what you have to make your home look good.


Consider the tile size


Small-size tiles can be most suitable for small residential places like bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets, while larger tiles are more suitable for living spaces and bedrooms.


What’s the room size


The size of the room also matters because large tiles will make a room feel large and open. Using tiles on your walls will give a more cohesive look, but should not use wall tiles on the floor. Floor tiles it to have hardened glazes, and are made from harder materials that can withstand more traffic. Light coloured tiles are suitable for small rooms as they make it feel bigger. However large rooms can accommodate almost any kind of tiles so you can go with a lighter shade or a darker one depending on what suits your taste.


Consider the colour


What feel do you want to achieve for your room? Do you want to have a serene and relaxing mood? Usually, tiles just compliment different design features in a room but they’re not always the main focus. The colours will depend of the room.and while you may have vibrant colours in your kitchen, you can choose softer colours that are relaxing for your bathroom.


Consider the grout


The right grout also matters a lot in tiles because if the colour is contrasting, it will emphasize the lines and design. Complimentary grout colours will offer a simple effect.


Consider the texture and pattern


Regardless of whether you choose to go with polished or matte finish tiles, glazed tiles are easier to clean. If you choose to go with natural tiles such as terracotta, you will need to seal at the top in order to prevent staining.




These are some of the things you need to consider when choosing tiles. There are so many types, colors, patterns and styles to choose from. When you know which type, your home style and decor should guide you in making the right choice.


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