The one-stop solution of terracotta tiles in the U.S.

About 400 years ago, in Rome, Italy started the legacy of the old-world craftsmanship of Ludowici. As the European demand grew, this family, famous for its expertly crafted clay roof tile, moved to Germany. However, in the late 1800s, they moved their old-world craftsmanship to America, establishing a terracotta roof tile company in Chicago, Illinois.

Does this material provide diversity in their work?

It produces an uncountable number of terracotta colors and profiles that fit a wide range of styles. It’s unique custom capabilities make it durable and inspiring. Over 100 years, it is one of the most sustainable and green construction products available.

Ludowici tiles are one of the highest quality tiles available; that is why thousands of historic and newly built structures worldwide have it. Many architects, designers, homeowners, universities, commercial, and government clients have turned to Ludowici for their uniquely beautiful architectural terracotta products. For genuinely distinctive tiles that reflect the past’s unparalleled beauty with the present technology, look no further than Ludowici.

How is it different from the others?

·        It is renowned in the world: Being proudly manufactured in the USA for over 130 years, it is a world-class product, crafted in New Lexington, Ohio. They are done with locally sourced materials.

·        It is of exceptional quality: Ludowici products are made from 100% clay and manufactured without using petroleum-based materials, committing to the better quality over all these years. They have a fusing process that guarantees that the color will not fade over time or climate. 

·        Proven Performance: Inspired by this philosophy, the company incorporates old-world craftsmanship with modern production technology to design equally enduring terracotta products to stand the test of time.

·        Maintenance is minimum: These tiles do not require re-coating, painting, or chemical cleaning.

·        Installation done by trusted sources: The makers have created the Ludowici Crown Roofer program. One train firms to qualify in showcasing their dedication to quality and craftsmanship meets the required standards.

Warranty: These tiles are one of the best material warranties in the industry. It comes with a 75-year material warranty that includes color on every tile. With unmatched durability and unparalleled customer experience, commercial and institutional customers purchase a 10 or 20-year Shield Warranty covering the installation’s water tightness when installed by the crown roofer by Ludowici. 

·        No intrusion of Salt: The coastal air can quickly be devastating to building products due to the amount of salt present in it. While salt air can travel well over a mile from the coastline, one needs the tile’s clay body, which will resist such complicated instances.

·        Fire Resistant feature of the tiles: One of the great benefits of this tile is its burning inability. While many non-fire-resistant roofing products require expensive treatments, the Ludowici tile owners can help someone to replace those steps with their peace of mind.

The shipping of these terracotta materials, in the US or globally, is effortless. The on-site logistics professionals do it. The shipping department has good experience in importing and exporting products worldwide and the expertise ensures that the terracotta products are adequately packaged and transported to the final destination.

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