The Top Trends and Features of New Homes in San Mateo, California

The city of San Mateo is twenty miles south of San Francisco. The price of the average home excluding luxury properties is one and a half million dollars, more than five times the national average. Its proximity to Silicon Valley has contributed to a massive luxury market in the area. What are the top trends and features of new homes in San Mateo?

Glass Staircase Rails

This is popular, though there are interior designers who hate it. The glass staircase rail has several practical benefits. It makes the room feel open compared to tight metal or wood railing, and that matters when space is at a premium. If items are dropped on the stairs, they won’t fall into the living area below. It is more expensive than wood railing, and that is a selling point to the nouveau riche.        

Home Automation Everywhere

When you live or work in Silicon Valley, home automation is an expectation in almost any new home. People don’t just want a smart thermostat. They want a smart automation system for the whole home so that they can control the lights, the garage door and almost anything else inside the house with their smart phone. However, this means that the home automation must work seamlessly and work with the customer’s devices if you want to make the sale, because no one wants to rely on ten remotes aside from the one for the TV. Extended home warranties need to include the home automation if you don’t have a specific support agreement for the technology. After all, people want to know that the air conditioner will be repaired if it conks out in six months, and they’re in even greater trouble if they can’t unlock the house or turn on the lights because the hub is added. 

Contemporary Fake Fireplaces

Fireplaces are routinely being upgraded from wood burning to gas burning. That’s a necessity given the tight regulations on traditional fireplaces and the air pollution they put off. Some people choose gas fireplaces with fake logs to try to keep the same ambiance. Then there is the modern trend toward completely fake fireplaces. Instead of actual gas flames among ceramic logs, you get an electric fireplace that looks artificial. It can generate heat, but that is the result of a built-in heater, not the flames themselves.

Minimalist, Open Floorplans

A tour of the new homes San Mateo has to offer will result in you seeing a lot of minimalist, open floorplans. The open floorplan originally was intended to make small homes seem larger or create multi-functional spaces. This is often combined with a minimalist aesthetic. That makes sense, given that Marie Kondo has so many followers in San Francisco that charities begged people to stop because they couldn’t keep up with all the donations.

The minimalist home design minimizes not just the number of walls and fewer decorative elements like crown molding. It also results in fewer mantles and shelves. Open cabinets are commonplace. Homes sometimes have niches in the walls to serve as shelves, while the bathroom may have a combination shelf and seat in the shower. Where there are transitions and height changes, there is a good chance someone has installed recessed lights. They may be above the couch or under the kitchen cabinets.

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