Things Only Bathroom Partitions Know – Why Women Go To The Bathroom Together

Imagine going out to the restaurant with a few of your friends. One minute, one of your female friends excuses herself to go to the bathroom and something magical happens. Every female on the table suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom too. This particular phenomena has baffled men for probably as long as eating out became a thing. The first man to see the site of twenty girls going out of the bathroom at the same time after suddenly disappearing from the club was as mystified as every subsequent man that will have seen it.

If you are like me who is simply looking for answers and wanting to find out the truth, then I will share with you the fruits of my research. Let us unpack this mystery one tale at a time and maybe we can shed light into this matter. And we can live in a society where there will be no secrets between man and woman that only the bathroom partition knows.

The Bathroom Partition Secret

We all know that girls and boys do things differently. Yes, men and women are equal but what I am trying to say is they are not the same so settle down fellow liberals. What I am trying to say here is that both sexes have their own way of using the toilet, otherwise how else would you explain the toilet seat going down when the last person to use the bathroom was a woman. But that is a mystery that will have to be solved for another article.

We live in a society where men are perceived to be expected to be more functional and care less about aesthetics. Thus, men tend to use their time in the bathroom as efficiently as possible. You never see a woman rushing out of the toilet after doing whatever it is they do in there. Plus, if you have ever been in a men’s toilet, you would know that it is not a very nice place to be in. I would not imagine any guy wanting to spend more time than what is necessary in there. It does not matter how many stars the hotel has, if it is a man’s bathroom then there will be pee on the floor and a few swastikas on the bathroom walls.

There is a stringent set of steps by which a man will follow when using a bathroom depending on the number which he has to do. Just to reiterate, if it is number one, then just look for the nearest urinal, squeeze one out, wash your hands(optional – don’t tell me, I know), then move as far away from the bathroom as possible. The reason why we want to do our business as quickly as possible is because we want to avoid that creepy fellow. All bathrooms have one, and they are practically everywhere in the public swimming pool bathrooms. We all know that one guy whose objective seems to be to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible in, ironically, a comfort room. If you are asking why guys do not do chit chat in the men’s room, well, this is the reason.

The Bathroom Partition Knows What Women Do

On the other hand, women have a completely different approach when they go to the bathroom. In a word, they do it much more nicely than men do. People say to treat common use rooms as your second homes but apparently only the ladies got the memo. But on the matter at hand, I am positive that I have never seen a woman go to the bathroom alone. And if those do happen, they would be as rare as a unicorn and the poor bastard that saw it was probably made to shut up.

Seriously speaking though, after finally mustering the courage to ask something with the danger of being ostracized from my peer group, I have found out a few possible reasons why women go to the bathroom together.

The Bathroom Partitions and The Giant Mirrors

If you have ever been into one a Hollywood waiting room, or have seen one on television, then you would notice a giant mirror plastered with lightbulbs on its borders. The same ones are usually installed in the ladies’ room minus the lightbulbs and sadness of course. So why do they need them? That should be simple enough to answer. It takes quite a lot of time and effort for the ladies to get ready, so it probably takes the same time and effort to maintain their look, or to use a simpler term, to retouch. They need to check their hair, make-up, and lipstick, and that is just the tip of it.

So if they have their giant mirrors with them, why else would they need to bring their friends. Well, for a second opinion of course. A friend told me that the purpose of the entire existence of a female friend for a female is to have her ensure that she never looks bad. I am told that the ceremony would go like this. The arduous task of retouching goes first which includes a slap of make up, a few fluffing of the hair and a stab of mascara. After which they search for the wing woman to grant her approval. And then she can finally go back out to the fray with confidence.

The Bathroom Partitions Provide Safety

Wolves hunt in packs and that is for good reason. When the prey is bigger than them, they need to have their mates about with them to pin down the beast. In the same way, they can protect each other as well when some fool dares to get close. In the same way, girls need to have their girlfriends with them in case some drunk tries to do them wrong while navigating their way in and out of the bathroom. This may sound simplistic but there is really enough reason for women to be scared.

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