Time To Overhaul Your Garden? Essential Items For Your Project

If you are thinking about improving your garden this year, but you are not sure where to start, there are a number of items you should think about including. Our yards and gardens are usually multi-purpose spaces. They need to cater for animals, wildlife, kids, plants, and sun-seeking adults. They will see fun, sports, drinks, food and all four seasons each year. When you are considering starting afresh with your garden there is quite a lot to consider.

Thanks to the internet, we can now easily access thousands of pictures of gardens of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your taste or budget, there will be plenty to choose from for your garden project. Check out other people’s ideas or dream gardens in places like Pinterest, or grab yourself a couple of magazines to start your own scrapbook. Check out our essential list of garden items to include in your dream garden:

Grass – We all love to hate this stuff. Yes, it needs cutting, and you probably need to think about mower repairs at least once a year, but it remains one of the most popular elements of a garden.

Flowers – Raised beds are a firm favorite, saving you any bending over or kneeling on the floor. They also for a structural feature and focal point for any garden. Being raised should help protect them from garden pests like snails and slugs too.

Decking – A firm favorite of recent years, and more popular than slab patios for their appearance. Wood looks great in the garden but does require some maintenance every few years to treat the wood. Great for dining, seating and barbecue areas too. Fit some lighting and a few free standing planters to create the perfect mood for your garden.

Furniture – Seating and a dining table are essential if you want to entertain in the summer months. Add a canopy or a gazebo to provide some shading. Soft seating is very popular now for long summer afternoons and evenings in the garden. Enjoy a beer and a chat into the wee hours using an outdoor heater and some solar lighting.

Fencing – Secure fencing that can withstand the weather and the odd kicked soccer ball is essential. Keep the kids, and pets safe within your garden space by investing in good quality and well-built garden fencing.

Shrubs and trees – Depending on the size of your garden, you could plant a fruit tree and enjoy the crops year on year, or just some shrubs to add some shape to your garden. They are quite good as natural features to divide up a garden into different areas too.

Paths – You can choose from stepping stones, paving slabs, decking or concrete. Be sure to have your path lead followers to interesting places within your garden. Paths join sheds or garages to the main house. They lead you from the doors to the center of the garden. Keep the well maintained with pressure washers and a yard brush for safety.

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