Top 4 Garden Renovation Ideas for 2020

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of gardening and, often, people will resort to paving slabs or concrete in the hopes of avoiding any regular maintenance. However, not only will these four garden renovation ideas help to turn your garden into a place that you want to spend time in but they will also increase your home’s value. Working with plants and small, outdoor renovation projects is also a much easier endeavour than you may first think too.

Regardless of your garden’s space, there are always options. Certain shapes or size spaces might be appropriate for a large feature, while others might be free from any shade and therefore perfect for growing vegetables. Be sure that your initial desires will work with the garden space you have.

Work With Wildlife

It can be easy to forget that our gardens are often home to a range of animals and critters. Sometimes they are viewed as pests and are deterred with fences and traps. While there are certainly some creatures you’ll want to keep at bay, redesigning your garden to welcome animals can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

There are many ways to attract birds and other charming animals, such as hedgehogs, by simply adding the equipment for them to visit. Birdhouses can be used as decoration and to welcome singing visitors to your garden. However, one hugely beneficial visitor is the bee. While building a space for a hive will be very generous, even planting plants that attract bees, like lavender, will support their population and keep the local flowers and fruits very happy indeed.

Use the Vertical Space

One common area of neglect in even the most stylish home gardens are the walls and fences. Vertical space has huge potential to support luscious growth, herb gardens, and statement design.

When looking at your current garden, don’t just think about the horizontal plane but, instead, consider your wooden fences and the walls of your house. You can relieve your land of congestion by building planters and moving your flowers upward. Bicycle mounts can also be used, keeping your outdoor space a little more relaxing.

Not only can walls be transformed but the ground too. Adding layers to your garden is relatively easy and can be an exciting way to bring a new design into a flat garden.

Create a Room

If you truly aren’t green-fingered, then why not consider expanding your home with another room? Many garden spaces can easily accommodate summer houses or log cabins, which in turn create the opportunity for new pursuits.

A new room can be a dedicated workspace or yoga studio; it can be a recording studio of hobby space; it can even be your own relaxation space, one full of entertainment. As more homes look to add private rental spaces, they can also be a great money-maker.

Grow Your Own

Flowers may have great beauty but why not go for taste instead? Growing your own produce right beside your house is an easy way to improve your home cooking and impress your loved ones.

Low maintenance items, such as herbs and potatoes, can be grown easily, while others might require a little more consideration. It might be difficult to create a successful asparagus harvest, but when the season comes, you’ll be glad you did!

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