Top Tips for Furnishing a Bedroom

Unless you’re an interior designer, furnishing a bedroom can be intimidating and overwhelming. However, it’s also an opportunity to let your personality sing out and add a real stamp to your home.

But where do you start? What furniture should you get? What options are out there for your budget? All these questions will be answered in this article.

You’ve got a bedroom to furnish, and we’re here to help. Let’s get started with our top tips for furnishing a bedroom.

The Occupant

Who is the occupant of the room? Answering this will lend itself to answering a lot of the following categories. Is it for a guest? A child? A teenager? Or the master bedroom? Bear in mind the occupant’s personality when designing and furnishing a room.

You also want to think about the functionality of the room. If it’s for a guest, were you considering adding a room sink for their convenience? Or perhaps, you wanted a workspace in your teen’s bedroom?

Knowing who it’s for and what they need the room for is critical. If the room is shared- whether that is a married couple or children-you need to consider both occupants’ needs, wants, and personality.

If the design and furniture lean heavily on one side, it may make the other occupant unhappy and uncomfortable.

Color Scheme

What’s the color scheme of the room? If you’re working with what you’ve already got, choosing a color may not be on your radar, and you must work with what you’ve got.

But if you want to change the bedroom’s color scheme, it goes beyond picking your (or the occupant’s) favorite color.

That said, knowing their favorite color is an excellent way to start and can definitely help you choose the color scheme and personality of the room.

Color scheme helps a room feel put together and create a particular atmosphere for a room.

Bedrooms should usually be designed to feel relaxing- so, if your favorite color is bright pink, perhaps have a re-think. A bedroom is, after all, primarily for sleeping in.

It should be a sanctuary that allows you to feel safe and comforted each night. Soft blues, greens, and grays are colors that generally soothe and relax, making them popular choices.

A general rule is that light tones open up a room while dark, rich tones make a room cozier. If you want the color scheme to be neutral but still enjoy your favorite color, or a pop of personality in the room, use accessories to do this.

For example, choose the shades of your curtains, lampshades, bed sheets, or rug to elevate a space.

Decorating Style

You know the occupant, and you now have a color scheme to work with. The next tip is to choose your decorating style. It’s essential to do the above tips before this step because it relies heavily on the above answers.

Your teenager’s style is probably very different from your style or your other child’s. Their preferred color scheme is perhaps different, and this means the decorating style will be different too.

Decide whether you want a contemporary (modern), traditional, or a blended style of both. Do you want all the furniture to be matching as part of a set, or a miss-match of style? Do you want to prioritize fashion over function?

Do you want the furniture to be wooden? Metal? Handcrafted or pre-loved items? You may have a sustainable style at the heart of your project, which means choosing a style and furniture that reflects that.

Size Matters

When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, size really does matter. If you desire a super king bed, you have to think of the logistics- will it fit in your room? How will you get it through the doors and staircase up to the bedroom?

Before deciding what you want to fill the bedroom with, take some measurements of the room.

What Furniture Do You Need?

When deciding what furniture you need, start with the essential, oversized items first. A bed is probably the most crucial piece of furniture in the bedroom. After that, decide what types of furniture you want for storage.

This could be wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables, or a dresser. As mentioned above, you may want to think about the room’s functionality: will there be a workspace? Bunk beds? A king-size bed?


Furnishing a bedroom that meets all your needs and looks the way you envisioned can be a costly undertaking. Investing in quality furniture, especially ones you set your heart on, can definitely be worthwhile.

If you don’t have an endless budget, here are a couple of tips:

Buy one focus piece: if you can’t afford to buy all the furniture you want at once, then consider buying one focus piece of furniture to start with. You can then build your dream room around that piece gradually.

Go second-hand: Second-hand bedroom sets aren’t only an economical route to go down, but it’s often a lot kinder on the bank balance.

Freecycle: if you’re in desperate need of furniture, look on sites like Freecycle, where kind people donate pieces of furniture (and other things) for free.

All you have to do is collect it. This will likely mean you’ll get a mismatch of furnishings and style, but if that doesn’t bother you, or you’re a dab hand at renovating pieces, this could be perfect.

Even if you have the cash to burn, setting a realistic budget for furnishing a bedroom is a sensible and worthy thing to do.

Furnishing a Bedroom Can Be Fun!

Furnishing your bedroom shouldn’t be a chore that sends you into a panic. With all the choices out there it’s little wonder if your mind whirls at the thought of it, but furnishing a bedroom should be fun!

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