Ways to Avoid Having a Messy Closet

Each time you open your closet, you end up having a hard time determining which things to wear. The ones you need for the occasion are difficult to find. They might be buried somewhere in the closet and you can’t find them given how messy things are.

Worse, you end up repeating the same clothes because you only get what’s on top. You’re too exhausted to keep looking through piles of clothes. If you don’t want to face this problem, these are some tips to help you.

Take some of the clothes out

Your closet is for the clothes you usually use. It’s not your storage room. Clothes that you no longer wear due to size or outdated style shouldn’t be in your closet anymore. Keep them in a box or move them to your storage room. You will realize that even if you have too many clothes, you only regularly use about half of them. Once you take the unnecessary ones out, it’s easier to organize the closet.

Take everything out first and regroup

Perhaps, the current method of grouping your clothes doesn’t work. You can take them all out first and conduct an inventory. Decide how you can rearrange everything to make the most of the available space. You can group them by size or colour depending on whatever is more convenient for you. When you see all the clothes laid out, you will know how to group them.

Don’t place the newly washed clothes on top

You might have a tendency of placing the clothes you recently wore on top after folding them. You need to avoid this lazy attitude. If you can remember where you originally placed them, you have to put them back there. If not, you can have the newly folded clothes in the bottom area of the closet. This strategy ensures that you won’t keep using the same clothes.

Be careful when pulling out what you need

Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry to go to work or other places, you end up pulling out whatever you can find. If the clothes you want to wear are in the bottom part of the closet, you still don’t care. You pull them out and leave everything on top scattered. When you get home, you will see a messy closet. Therefore, you have to be cautious when taking out the clothes you will wear. If possible, you need to decide what to wear the night before, so you have enough time to pull out the clothes. You can even prepare them on a weekly basis so that you already know which ones to pick.

With these tips, you can have an organized closet and you won’t feel frustrated anymore. If your closet remains messy, it could be due to the size. It’s not capable of holding all your clothes anymore. As such, you have to consider bespoke fitted wardrobes. If you have one in your bedroom, it helps keep everything together. Your clothes will look more organized and easier to find when needed.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/ZSFqxRIV5Nc


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