What Makes A Garden Beautiful? Eight Features To Try

If you’re staring down a garden full of weeds, detritus, and other unwanted clutter, then it can be impossible to visualise that garden as a beautiful paradise. The truth is that every single garden has the potential to wow; all you need to do is put in a little effort, a little time, and a little magic. Just like with everything else in life, you’ll get back what you put in. Still, there’s no shame in wanting a few ideas. Here are eight things you can try in your garden to make it gorgeous.

1. Decking

Good decking can completely transform your garden. Just by adding some timber, you can civilise the area, converting it from a tangled wildland to the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy a meal outdoors when it’s warm. Remember, not all decking is created equal; the best decking material is dimensionally stable, sourced from sustainable places, and high-quality. Installing decking is a surefire way to make your garden look great, and it’s pretty low-effort too!

2. Lawn edging

Given how much effort is actually involved in lawn edging, it’s one of the most impressive ways to make your garden look great. It doesn’t have to stop with marking out the edges of your lawn, either; there are plenty of creative ideas you can employ to make your garden stand out that much more. Edging is also an excellent way to delineate flower beds and other garden features. It’s not a completely renovated garden if you haven’t edged the lawn!

3. Garden furniture

What better way to celebrate the summer than to take your meals, your family activities, and your relaxation outdoors? Eating your meals outside is proven to improve your health, so it’s a great idea to install some garden furniture – a table and a few chairs, perhaps – to give yourself a place to eat. When the summer arrives and the evenings are balmy, there’s no greater pleasure than well-grilled food and great company. Let your garden become your new dining room!

4. Unconventional plant pots

This option will appeal more to those who are looking for a rustic aesthetic for their garden as opposed to a strictly clean and tidy look. You’d be surprised how many items currently lying around your home can be repurposed as plant pots. Used food tins, empty bottles, and even tea pots can all make for great homes for your plants. Installing these makeshift pots can give a real idiosyncratic charm to your garden, so if you’re looking for individuality, this is the perfect way to achieve it.

5. A greenhouse

A greenhouse is essential if you’re looking to grow your own food, but there’s no reason it has to look ugly or unwieldy. With a little design genius, you can make your greenhouse look amazing. It’s also important to keep everything inside in good shape, because a tidy, well-maintained greenhouse contributes to the overall aesthetic you’re going for. Remember, growing your own food is a fast, easy way to ensure your ingredients are healthy and local.

6. Lighting

You don’t want your garden going to waste during the cold winter months, do you? If not, then why not try some garden lighting? There are several different configurations you could try, so experiment and find the lighting arrangement that’s right for your garden. This has the added effect of making your garden a viable place to eat meals during the autumn and winter; try sitting out in November with a steaming bowl of tomato soup and you’ll thank yourself for installing the lighting!

7. Flower beds

It might sound obvious, but many people overlook the simple beauty of a well-chosen flower arrangement in their garden. Using colour in the garden is a surprisingly tricky skill to acquire; you need to consider not only the flowers themselves, but also how they complement what’s around them. Just like the timber for your decking, you should be trying to source sustainable flowers. There’s nothing more satisfying than a garden that’s not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly!

8. Artwork

You might think that a garden is the last place in which you should display artwork, but you’d be wrong. Well-chosen sculpture, for example, can elevate a garden beyond a simple place for nature to do its work. Of course, as with artwork in your home, it’s important to consider not only the artwork itself but also the way in which you display it. Positioning is crucial; you want it to draw attention, but it also needs to belong to the space around it, so to speak. Experiment and try different combinations!


With these eight ideas, you can make your garden beautiful once again. Creating a gorgeous garden doesn’t just make your home look better; it can also add significant resale value, so when it comes time to move on from your property you’ll have a much easier time of selling it. Using our tips, you can improve your garden, the outlook of your property, and your happiness while you’re at home. Not bad, eh?

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