What’s so good about natural light?

We often hear windows and doors suppliers bang on about how their products ‘really let the outside in’.  The addition of bi-folding doors which can also create the seamless living between internal and external environments has heightened this theory too.


Sure, we’d all ideally like our homes to be lavished with plenty of sunshine, but are the benefits of natural light perhaps slightly exaggerated? Leading bi-folding door manufacturers have conducted surveys into the benefits for a number of years and some of the findings are outlined below:


Increased productivity


Numerous findings from recent studies have shown that natural light actually helps us work more efficiently. Though we aren’t experts of why this is, it apparently has something to do with the way in which it provides us with mental and visual stimulation – perhaps because we find it more comfortable to work in by comparison to artificial lighting.


Better health


Believe it or not, something called ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ – a clinically diagnosed condition where sufferers experience periods of depression – can be common with people who experience a reduction in sunlight. Considering that this can lead to nausea, a tendency to oversleep and a craving for carbohydrates, we think that it’s probably best to get as much natural light as possible.


Reduced eye strain


On top of our general health, our eyes simply function better when operating in natural light – while we concede that artificial lighting is much more consistent, it requires us to somewhat strain to properly focus. This can cause problems over long periods of time.


Saving on bills


Over 50% of all energy used in a UK home is space conditioning, if well-respected research is to be believed. This includes both temperature and lighting control. With this in mind, it appears obvious that a boost in natural light would lead to homeowners saving on their bills – they would, of course, spend less time with their lights and air conditioning switched on.


Added visual appeal


It may be subjective, but it’s probably safe to say that most people think that a naturally well lit home looks better than a dim one – we can’t put our finger on it, but there is a certain visual appeal that comes with a sun-filled interior. We’d hazard a guess that most people feel the same way, too.



Boost of happiness


Last but certainly not least, we thought we’d end with an obvious one – it makes us happy! The sun is our natural energy source, so it makes sense that it’d be more advantageous for us all to get a bit more of it. It’s a fact, for example, that the vitamin D it provides makes us that bit more cheerful.


With these above pointers in mind, why not look into purchasing either bi-folding or sliding doors for your property?


Taking their longevity and little maintenance into account, an aluminium door would be the most popular choice for homeowners throughout the UK. They can be manufactured and cut to the exact size and dimension, as well as offering a certain robustness against weather extremes. If that wasn’t enough, there are many more benefits too.


It is clear to see that adding natural light into your home has many benefits that could improve your lifestyle, health and productivity. Changing windows and doors is one of the easiest ways of doing this so the next time you feel a little glum, considering making home changes to improve your outlook on life on a daily basis.

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