When Is the Right Time to Consider a Bathroom Renovation?

Technically, you can have your bathroom remodelled anytime. But finding the right time to plan and get the job done helps in smoother construction and completion. The truth is, any home renovation project will take time – from choosing materials, hiring a contractor, to getting started on the project, you are looking at a time frame of at least six months. The good thing is, that when you know how to take advantage of these time constraints, you can also capitalise more on some of the best deals available in the market.

When is the best time to buy bathroom construction materials?

If you are looking for the best deals on bathroom fixtures such as tiles, toilet, tubs, and other hardware, wait until after the winter holidays. Before the holidays, stores are usually busier as many homeowners try to complete their remodelling projects in time for the holiday season. During December until early spring, showrooms are usually empty. You can take your time shopping and consult with designers on stunning bathroom furniture ideas for your project.

Winter sales are also more frequent during these months so that stores can move their inventory and make room for new products. You can take advantage of the lowest prices and discounts on some of the best bathroom products available.

When is the best time to hire a renovation contractor?

You would not want to hire a contractor during busy months. When the contractor is juggling multiple projects at the same time, it is more likely to encounter mix-ups and other issues. Before hiring a contractor, ask about their project schedule and book your renovation when they are least busy.

Based on the usual trend for home renovations, autumn is always the busiest time. If you can hold off on the project for a few more months, wait until spring to schedule your project. During lean months, it is also possible for you to negotiate a better deal with the contractor since they cannot afford to turn down jobs.

The benefits of scheduling a bathroom renovation in spring or early summer

Based on these two examples, we can conclude that it is best to schedule any renovation project after winter and no later than early summer. The time in between is the most ideal to find attractive deals on products and construction materials. Since contractors are also least busy during these months, you get their full attention and the best service possible.

Being wise in timing a construction project reduces most of the stress and complexities associated with it. While you may be in a hurry to use your newly remodelled bathroom, a bit of patience can go a long way in terms of convenience, savings, and efficiency. Remember that you can book a contractor beforehand and make changes along the way.

What is most important here is that you have enough time to carefully plan and consider all the factors before going through with the project. The more time you have on your hands, the more options you can browse through; thus minimising chances of regretting any of your design decisions later.

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